Enjoy autumn with new Yoga classes

Did you enjoy summer? The sun has spontaneously lured us to some activities in the past months and the holiday season has given us a break and space for new experiences. Now, returning to  everydays routine, it is now in our own hands, to keep these mall spaces: It’s in your own hands  how you spend your days, whether quiet or in a hurry, permanently clamped in tasks and appointments or with time for yourself.  Take the opportunity to focus  towards yourself.


The Yoga courses for the next 3 months during autumn quarter  will start Monday Oct. 7th.  A perfect start for you: there will be a new, additional beginner course on Tuesdays. For expereineced practitioners, in the vinyasa flow classes  we will focus more deeply within the various class themes  (such as standing postures, backbends, inversions, regenerative attitudes or compensatory postures for shoulder and back, etc.). We practice and specify the basic principles, refine the attentive execution of the postures, and bring the body into a strong and stable position and the head into a calm mind. Like this, our practice becomes more differentiated, more intensive and at the same time remains stabilizing and always within the scope of one’s own possibilities.

Yoga is like a mirror that allows you to look inwards. To learn, grow and change.

Classes are tought in german as basic language but I easily change  to bilingual  (english) if need be.